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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is 1-to-1 integrated marketing platform operating and automating all activities and assets based on customers interactions and segments with all digital premises across an organization, on a country, regional or global level, across channels and devices.


Who should use Marketing Cloud?

SME and International Corporations who are:

  • managing subscribers in the range of 100,000+ emails
  • looking for tailored experience to each individual customer
  • needing smarter marketing engagement through immediate or delayed automations (based on interactions across on-site premises, website, e-store or app) and insights.


Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

First of all, behind Marketing Cloud stays Salesforce:

  • the most innovative company (Forbes);
  • leader in sales force automation (Gartner);
  • leader in customer engagement center (Gartner).

Second of all, Marketing Cloud:

  • is part of the Salesforce ecosystem and integrates with all other solutions, such as Sales and Service Clouds, allowing you to manage your customers from end to end.
  • is leader in the Digital Marketing Hubs (Gartner)
  • won Tech company of the year.

Third of all, “Einstein”:

  • Artificial Intelligence helping the marketeer with insights and predicting engagement to boost marketing success


Marketing Cloud Features, Packages and Studios

Marketing Cloud consists of several Studios which are:

Email Studio

  • Target, create and send responsive and dynamic emails based on your customers preferences and actions.

Content Builder

  • Create and manage your portfolio of Email & SMS templates and other marketing assets.

Mobile Studio

  • Mobile Connect: send personalized SMS based on location or customer profile.
  • Mobile Push: manage the mobile interaction with your customers on your apps through push notifications
  • Group Connect: send messages to LINE app

Advertising Studio

  • Create audiences for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads and Twitter.
  • Manage your Facebook Campaigns.

Web Studio

  • Create and manage your landing pages created through Marketing Cloud.
  • Create lead capturing forms and pages.
  • Create social tabs.

Analytics Builder

  • Web & Mobile Analytics: monitor and report on how customers interact with your websites and mobile apps.
  • Reports: monitor and report on any Studio in Marketing Cloud. You can always start with simple Email delivery reports.
  • Einstein Engagement Scoring: score your customers and leads and create engagement plans and segments.

Journey Builder

  • Automation Studio: Automate repetitive uploads and exports from externals systems (i.e. ERP).
  • Journey Builder: Manage customer-centric journeys and automate all customer interactions and touchpoints with your organization.

Personalization Builder

  • Email & Web Recommendations by Einstein: based on customer activity, engagement and profile, Marketing Cloud recommends next best content or product.

Audience Builder

  • Contact Builder: create and manage database relations and flows from other databases (i.e. Sales Cloud)

Social Studio

  • Listen and Engage 1-to-1 with your followers, customers and leads across all channels and websites. Track your competitors activities.

Data Studio

  • Data sharing platform for discovery, data acquisition, data provisioning combined with premium data providers.

Salesforce DMP

  • Create and manage complete data profiles and segmentation of your customers across different channels.

Marketing Cloud Connect


  • Pardot is focused on B2B marketing automation and lead nurturing tool. You can find more about it here.


These studios are combined in 4 main packages:

  • Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • B2B Marketing Automation – Pardot


Each package has its own “editions” providing from basic to extensive and complex capabilities.

Salesforce structured the packages based on organization’s size:

  • Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing
    • Basic, Pro, Corporate, Enterprise
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Basic, Pro, Corporate, Enterprise
  • Digital Advertising
    • Pro and Enterprise
  • Pardot (B2B and B2C Marketing Automation)
    • Growth, Plus and Advanced



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