Digital Strategy Track 1-2-3

Transform Vision & Mission for Growth

Begital proposes a digital strategy and leadership workshop for scalable growth: let’s transform your vision, mission and people through customer-centric digital strategies.

Digital Golden Ratio

Scope: Executive level, motivational, high level business strategy

Recommended outline:

  • Digital Readiness
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Growth Barriers
  • Transform Purpose: Digital Vision
  • Transform Passion: Digital Mission
  • Transform Productivity: Digital Scalability
  • Digital People & Leadership
  • Digital Success Factors
  • Digital Strategy Map
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap

Recommended duration: 3-5 days

Recommended audience: CxO, Strategy Office, Line of Business Managers, Management Consultants, Strategy Planners and PMO

Recommended option: Digital Transformation Strategic Plan (template with milestones and deliverables) customized for your roadmap by our PMI certified project manager

Digital Stability Track 4-5-6

Transform Performance for Stability

Join the digital implementation track: let’s transform excellence through process automation, digital performance and better safe and secure risk management

Digital Process Automation

Scope: Functional, cross-functional and business intelligence

Recommended outline:

  • Digital Performance KPIs
  • Digital Operating Procedures (Transform SOP)
  • Performance Tracking & Digitalization
  • Transform Performance: Excellence Model
  • Transform Process: Change Management
  • Digital Business Rules
  • Automation, Approvals and Analytics
  • Risk & Resource Assessment
  • Digital Safety & Security Policies
  • Digital Compliance & Governance (Steering Committee)
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap

Recommended duration: 4-8 days

Recommended audience: COO, Compliance Office, Operational Managers, Process Consultants and Auditors, HR and Performance Managers, Team Leaders and Cross-Functional Coordinators, Steering Committee, Business Analysts

Recommended option: Digital Process Transformation Blueprint (functional transformation template with best practice processes) customized for your as-is and to-be processes by our certified excellence assessor

Digital Sustainability Track 7-8-9

Digital Engagement for Sustainability

Join the digital marketing track: let’s transform how you define and deliver to market segments, create sustainable competitive advantage through digital engagement

Digital Go-to-Market

Scope: Go-to-market strategy, online marketing and digital touchpoints

Recommended outline:

  • Digital Markets & Buyer Personas
  • Four Moments of Truth & Digital Touchpoints
  • Digital Reputation & Digital Identity
  • Brand Archetypes
  • SEO & Website & Online Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis & Social Listening
  • Digital Marketing & Buyer Journey Mapping
  • Digital Experience & Engagement
  • Product/Trade Marketing & Digital Delivery
  • Data-Driven Segmentation & Digital Insights
  • Digitalizing Product/Place/Price/Promotions
  • Sustainability & Market Share
  • Omni-Channel Digital Transformation Roadmap

Recommended duration: 6-9 days

Recommended audience: CMO, Chief Digital Officer, Go-to-market specialists, sales and marketing, PR and communications, product managers, digital commerce and social media, webmasters, trade marketing, mobile app developers

Recommended option: Digital Marketing/Omni-Channel Transformation Blueprint (buyer journey map and marketing processes) customized for your products by our digital marketing team

Your customers are all going digital… and they expect you to interact with them on digital channels, where they are active and connected: mobile, social, video, chat, text… To become a truly customer-centric organisation, start digital transformation across all the touchpoints to digitally engage with your audience almost 24/7.

Your employees also can become extremely productive if they can not only interact with the rest of the organisation but also run processes digitally, from anywhere, any time, using any device. Leverage interactive online platforms to start conversations and establish instant communication lines across all units, departments and teams, give your people the means to self organise and coordinate in real time. Your stakeholders and partners, even media and press expect instant updates at critical moments.

Email is not designed for productivity and coordination, but you can turn your mailbox into a command center with the help of integrations with a multitude of high performance digital platforms.

Ultimately, connect everyone to every process and all the relevant data, information, knowledge and wisdom…

1: Transform Vision through Digital Purpose

Digital enterprise 3.0 adapts its vision as an evolving organism seeking a better fit to its environment. From ideation to formulation of strategy and its execution, digital is an instrument for organisational innovation and self-transformation. Strategy is not a cascading top-down chain of command but a conversation that takes the risk of being changed by dialogue.

Great organisations constantly adapt to the changes in the environment. Information age has come to a digital disruption phase where entire ecosystems are forced to re-organise and co-evolve by means of extreme automation which in turn is transforming into predictive forms of artificial intelligence.

It’s no longer sufficient to react passively to change, we must innovate creatively and invent destructively new ways of being, organising, communicating and working, using massive amounts of data all waiting to be filtered and curated into relevant information and knowledge that we have to use for competitive advantage and become a surviving fit in novel business environments.

Even manufacturing is transforming itself to production techniques without humans, even writing software is turning into extremely automated ways of artificial intelligence. Machines are learning and robots are coming, hopefully to free us from the muscle work so that we can focus on creativity.

Homo informaticus is evolving into homo digitalis, waiting for the arrival of homo roboticus, homo artificialis, homo universalis…

2: Transform Mission through Digital Passion

Mission operationalizes vision, guiding your employees passion towards the overall purpose. Transforming your organisation’s mission into the digital age requires vectoring digital passion as a vehicle for digital vision, digital talent, digital delivery and digital communications to improve satisfaction and sentiment of the digital customer.

4: Transform Excellence through Digital Performance

Digital enables and empowers your people to perform more productively. Virtualizing the work space across the globe and enabling remote working, makes them freer and closer, transformed into a virtual global team. Digital connectivity and cloud based networking allows real time performance management and rewards that can be shared across all the organizational units. It is easier to maeasure KPIs and steer performance digitally.

5: Transform Work through Digital Processes

Digital processes can be defined, deployed, streamlined and improved in real time through process automation platforms. Very definition of “work” (task and time management) becomes a systems responsibility freeing up the employee time for productive and creative value generation tools and innovative conversations across functions and focus on customer needs. Digital assists and aids as a well-defined tracking, coordination and sharing platform and a channel of internal and external communications and collaboration.

7: Transform Delivery through Digital Product

Digital channels complement your product management and marketing efforts by providing new delivery and convenience options for your digital customer. Digital services do not supplement your product but focus on providing relevant information and value at each stage of the digital customer journey. Digital brings in innovation also in the way the digital customers can interactively be included in product development and innovation.

8: Transform Engagement through Digital Power

Just as the brand strength can be measured by market share, the power of communications can measured by the share of voice over digital channels. Public relations and advertising are no longer one way press releases but engaging two-way conversations with digital customers. Customer journey is increasingly digital and micro moments provide data on reputation and experience. Satisfaction is expressed as sentiment.

3: Go Digital for Scalability

Growth is becoming more important than profitability, and going digital provides access to online markets and unprecedented economies of scale. Digital customers are capable of self-service and digital relationships and processes provide cost efficiency and performance effectiveness through global shared services.

6: Go Digital for Stability

Chaos is a disruptive source of unforeseen changes. Great organisations are good at dealing with unexpected shocks and adjust quickly in safe and secure ways to disruptions. Digital risk management accelerates response time and early warnings/contingency plans allow the whole organisation to react rapidly.

9: Go Digital for Sustainability

Viability of the organisation through times of change requires leaders to undertake transformation with a view to sustain & survive in the long term. Entering the digital age means digital transformation has to make ready for the next phase in evolution: go digital now, but also ready for robots and artificial intelligence.



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