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Begital Registered Consulting Partner

Begital Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner

Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner with 15+ years of experience.

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Salesforce and Begital

Begital CRM Approach

Salesforce CRM is a first step in the direction of a digital enterprise, not only using apps but also creating and evolving digitally.

Our Begital digital transformation consultants provide you with custom(er)-centric Salesforce CRM consultancy with end-to-end functional analysis, strategic planning and process implementation to entirely digitalize your sales, marketing, customer service and PR. Optimal strategy and customer focused omni-channel integration.

As digital transformation consultants we take the long term strategic view to CRM implementation and provide advise, training and support on all levels:

  • strategic CRM
  • analytical CRM
  • operational CRM

We help you become a digital adaptive enterprise 3.0, as digital as your customers and sustainable through continuous innovation and evolutionary self-transformation.

We provide implementation, development and support for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

Why Salesforce? is the smartest cloud-based CRM (Customer Reltionship Management) platform. It is based on platform with applications suitable for Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce activities with capable Analytics modules.

Using cloud computing allows the organisation to instantly transform its data platform into a digital one, but processes should be implemented and people should be enabled to operate as a customer-centric team.

Customer journey obliges the four customer facing departments – Marketing, Sales, Service and PR – to use an integrated database and streamline processes in order to provide a continuous experience to digital customer.

Salesforce omni channel framework supports real time engagement across digital touchpoints. Same extends to other relationships such as partners and suppliers.

Salesforce Clouds we implement and support

salesforce com

Sales & Service Cloud

salesforce com

Marketing Cloud

salesforce com

Social Studio

Salesforce Clouds supporting your customer facing departments

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