Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Connect 1-to-1 with your customers when and where they want.

Deliver single experience across Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Apps.

Tailor experiences based on the preferences and behaviors of each customer.

Timely respond to customers in the moment they need you.

Marketing Cloud Benefits

Begital Marketing Cloud Consultants will enable you to fully digitalize and transform your organization and brands to face the clients during all “moments of truth”.

Marketing Cloud is the next-level marketing automation platform you need to scale your operations and enable Marketing, Sales and Service teams work in-sync and drive high customer satisfaction. Working together your teams will display, sell and support the products and service each of your customers needs, whenever they need it.

Draw interactive and tailored journeys to all your segments on desktop, mobile and the social channels they use.

Marketing Cloud and Begital will provide your customers with the same 1-to-1 experience as they receive in your premises. We will build customer journeys across the entire lifecycle of your customers.

You have an extensive information of how your visitors, leads and customers are behaving. Based on that engage with them in the right way, in the perfect time. Having that and other information you store, segmentations can be as simple or as complex and in-depth as you need.

With a powerful automation platform you send emails and push-notifications, show ads and guide customers through journeys, for up to 1 year. Your brand can be whenever leads and customers need to see it.

With Begital Marketing Cloud Consultant Team your marketing team will engage with all visitors, leads and customers with 1-to-1 emails, tailored journeys to your products and services, sending the right message in the right time.

Marketing Cloud Services

Implementation & Strategic Consultancy

Integration between Marketing Cloud and your websites.

Migrating your forms and landing pages to Marketing Cloud.

Building, reflecting and automating your marketing, sales and service processes in Marketing Cloud.

Transformation into a 1-to-1 customer-facing organization with seamless performance.

Database Migration & Management

Downloading your email content and digital assets from your current database and migrating it to Marketing Cloud with the right structure.

Migrating customer data and connecting it to Salesforce Clouds.


Creating tables and lists reflecting your customers activities.

Administrating daily needs and support needed for operating the platform.

Creating reports and dashboards for you to follow your national, regional and worldwide Marketing, Sales and Service performance.

Updating and managing customer data.

Quick Start

Supporting you in adapting out-of-the-box functionalities to your daily operations and transactions.


Applying best practices and years of B2C and B2B marketing experience into each campaign.

Consultancy for devising appropriate 1-to-1 journeys and automated campaigns for your leads and customers.

Segmenting your database for maximum return.

Managing paid campaigns supporting your digital marketing activities across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Trainings & Support

In-depth Marketing Cloud trainings and workshops for your users, teams and organisation, reflecting your business processes and answering specific needs in an engaging, tailored-made format.

Continuous support to all stakeholders.

Marketing Cloud Editions

Marketing Cloud comprises several 'studios' which reflect all your digital marketing activities and more.

Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing

Personalize and automate email, mobile, and web journeys for every customer at scale.

Your Customer: enjoys tailored email and mobile messages and offers anywhere, anytime, going through step-by-step personalized journeys.

Your Organization: increases customer retention, acquisition, profitability and success by guiding customers through predefined paths and replying to all their actions immediately through automations.

Your Team: improves their performance, save time on repeating tasks and focus on the important ones for each customer. Collaboration is achieved with other departments through an organization-wide platform and connector to Salesforce CRM.

4 editions: Basic, Pro, Corporate, Enterprise

Multiple business units support

Subscriber profiles
Real-time big data segmentation
Drag-and-drop segmentation

Subscriber preference management
Einstein Recommendations
Multichannel predictive content
Content management and workflows
Mobile-optimized email templates

Build quickly tailored landing pages and deploy fast to audiences.

Automation Studio
Triggered communications on email, mobile and ads.
Automated workflow and campaigns

Web and mobile analytics
Reports and Dashboards
Advanced Reporting
Einstein Engagement Scoring

A/B testing
Journey Builder
Personalization tools

Campaign and 1:1 Journey Management
Mobile Studio
Mobile Messaging Templates
Location Based Push Messaging
App Inbox Messaging
SMS Response Messaging

Custom user roles and permissions
Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Social Media Marketing

Listen, engage, publish, and analyze. Create 1-to-1 social conversations like never before.

Your Customers: receives support and attention to their questions and problems on social channels they use.

Your Organization: gets closer to each customer and potential one on Social Medias and websites and manages its presence through a single platform.

Your Team: engages immediately on all channels where your customers and organization are. Easily collaborates with Marketing and Service departments for giving customers the best possible experience with the brand.

4 editions: Basic, Pro, Corporate, Enterprise

Digital Advertising

Leverage your CRM data and securely power 1-to-1 advertising at scale.

Your Customers: see tailored and dynamic ads across the channels they use, based on their journey with your company and products they have seen.

Your Organization: reaches current and potential customers with a unified vision.

Your Team: engages, reengages and generates qualified leads through social, display and video ads, in sync with all ongoing customer journeys.

2 editions: Pro and Enterprise

B2B and B2C Marketing Automation - Pardot

Automate and optimize your lead-generation and nurturing programs throughout the prospect lifecycle.

Your Customer’s: received tailored emails and invitations based on activities and behaviour.

Your Organization: increases organizational efficiency from structuring and automating repetitive tasks, to creating scoring systems that help qualify your sales leads, and capturing important information that connects actions to outcomes.

Your Team: is more productive, saves time and costs on processing while getting structured and right information for the individual customer. Also, your team collaborates seamlessly with Sales and Service.

3 editions: Standard, Pro and Ultimate

Marketing Cloud Editions

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