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Pardot B2B Marketing Automation

Create the best possible customer journey and easily convert visitors to customers. Begital Pardot Consultant team will enable you to transform your organization and current customer journey through website and email communications. With Pardot your organization will link Marketing and Sales departments and will qualify appropriate leads faster.

Integrating Pardot with CRM will give you the full picture and entire map of all “moments of truth” your visitors and customer go through each day. Additionally Pardot can build and match the profiles of your most valuable segments.

Having an extensive information of what your visitors, leads and contacts are viewing, clicking, ordering and downloading from your website helps you to automatically send the perfect message each time without missing a single opportunity!

Repetitive tasks are gone, welcome to the marketing automation world of Pardot!

With Begital Pardot Consultant Team your organization, marketing and sales teams will engage with visitors, prospects and customers with 1-to-1 emails, containing the right message for the occasion and in the perfect moment.

Pardot Process

Pardot Processes diagram

Pardot Benefits

Your Customer:

  • Enjoys tailored and dynamic communication in landing pages, emails and forms;
  • Receives timely, personalized and appropriate messages, notifications and offers on-the-go.

Your Organization:

  • Increases customer acquisition, retention and profitability by guiding customers to the next steps of your funnel. Manage their journey and identify new opportunities on-the-go;
  • Aligns Marketing and Sales operations. Build a track for Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads. Provide constant flow of leads into your pipeline. Streamline lead management from website to sales to won opportunities;
  • Increases organizational efficiency from structuring and automating repetitive tasks, to creating scoring systems that help qualify your sales leads, and capturing important information that connects actions to outcomes;
  • Integrates hierarchy reflecting your business structure.

Your Teams:

  • Enable Sales and Marketing to have full view of each visitor, prospect and customer activities;
  • Improve performance and collaboration through transparent organization-wide platform;
  • Focus on providing real benefits to customers through clever use of data.
  • See, feel, touch and measure the ROI of each communication and online marketing activity and follow the revenue stream from a visitor to a closed-won opportunity or purchase;
  • Connect your campaigns, webinars and social posts with- Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WebEx, GoToWebinar, ReadyTalk, Twitter and LinkedIn

Begital Pardot Marketing Automation Experience

Begital Team
Certified Pardot Consultant and Pardot Specialists
15 years experience
Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Morocco
MNCs, SMEs and NGOs

Pardot Marketing Automation Services

Pardot Implementation

Building and reflecting your marketing and sales process in Pardot.

Transformation into a customer-facing organization with seamless performance.

Migrating your forms and digital assets to Pardot and integrating them with your website.

Integration with tools such as WebEx, GoToWebinar, Google AdWords, etc.

Downloading your current data from your database (Excel, etc.) and migrating it to Pardot with the right structure.

Pardot Marketing Campaigns

Applying years of B2C and B2B marketing experience into each campaign.

Creating lead nurturing strategies.

Creating appropriate marketing campaigns which your leads, customers, products and markets will love.

Creating automated email sequences and trigger based actions which will increase your engagement and revenue.

Maximising ROI.

Pardot Administration

Creating custom objects for your operations and linking to

Administrating daily needs and support needed for operating the platform or managing data.

Creating reports and dashboards for you to follow your national, regional and worldwide performance.

Pardot Trainings and Workshops

We provide in-depth Pardot trainings and workshops for your users, teams and organisation, corresponding entirely to the current environment and specific needs in an engaging, tailored-made format.

Quick Start

Supporting you in adapting out-of-the-box functionalities to your daily marketing and digital operations.

Pardot Packages

Pardot Standard

Pardot’s Standard marketing automation package includes all the basic features of marketing automation that users will need to get started — including CRM integration, in-depth prospect tracking, lead scoring and grading, email marketing and lead nurturing, and ROI reporting.

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Some of the Pardot Standard functionalities:

Pardot Pro

Pardot’s Professional package offers all the features of the Standard edition, plus advanced reporting and analytics tools for the marketer who’s ready to delve deeper into campaign performance. Users enjoy advanced email tools, advanced dynamic content, Google AdWords integration, and more.

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Some of the Pardot Pro functionalities:

Up to 25K calls/day and 5 concurrent connections

Pardot Ultimate

The Ultimate package will meet the needs of any complex organization. With custom roles and permissions, users can manage and delegate tasks while maintaining security and control. Users have access to custom object integration, social profiling, a dedicated IP address, and API access up to 100K calls per day.

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Some of the Pardot Ultimate functionalities:

Up to 100K calls/day and 5 concurrent connections

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