Social Listening and Engagement Services

Power of social listening

Digital Customers go daily through the 4 moments of truth and face companies’ 4 customer orientated departments – Marketing, Sales, Service and PR. But they also engage with other users, share their opinion online and influence someone else’s customer journey through conversations.

Knowing and utilizing this information creates an excellent opportunity for you to get a competitive edge in the market. That is achieved through social listening.

New approach

Organic and Paid reach is great when you promote your company, but have you thought about the opposite approach – following and listening to the market? With Social Listening you can know what and when your customers are saying or sharing, what your competition is doing and how it communicates, and where the market is going.

Social Listening can serve as a strategic tool helping you identify and undertake the right strategic steps.

Begital Social Listening Experience

6 years experience
USA, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany
MNCs and SMEs

Social Listening and Engagement Services

Social Listening

Follow your customers, competitors and market through social listening.

With us you can:

  • know your customers and what they are truly saying about you, your products and services
  • know your competitors’ online and offline activities in the market
  • follow market trends and topics, meaningful to your business
  • identify the right influencers for your products and services
  • measure your current and past campaigns are accepted by customers

1-to-1 Engagement

Engage individually with people who matter the most to your business.

With us you can:

  • send engaging messages to your new or existing audience anytime anywhere.
  • generate leads and opportunities
  • manage your customers’ and leads’ experience and guide them to the right path
  • interact with your community
  • grow in new markets through directly engaging with the right audience

Social Analysis

Analyze your market and performance and base your business decisions on real evidence.

With us you analyze:

  • conversations based on keywords and sentiment
  • topic/product/content/news among your audience
  • your channels’ and campaigns’ performance and KPIs
  • trends while they are developing

They trusted us

Integrate Social with CRM

Marketing Cloud

Engage your leads, prospects and customers through 1-to-1 Marketing on the right channel, with the right message and at the right time.

Your Customer: enjoys tailored communication and offers on-the-go.

Your Organization: increases customer acquisition, retention and profitability by guiding customers to the next steps of your funnel. Manage their journey and identify new opportunities.

Your Team: improves their performance and collaborates when needed with other departments through transparent organization-wide platform, automations and clever use of data.

Create the perfect customer journeys with Salesforce’s Journey Builder across all communication channels and departments. Remove bottlenecks along your customers’ experience and adapt journeys to the individual.

Target your segments with best looking personalized emails for all devices, and insert dynamic content with Email Studio. Manage your campaigns with an ease and analyze performance of your efforts.

Increase cooperation between your Social team and Service and Sales departments improve your customers journey and experience through Social Studio.

Publishing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube has never been easier.

You can Listen, Engage, Identify and Analyze in a single environment your:

  • social presence
  • customers
  • competitors
  • market

Integrate your performance marketing efforts with your CRM data and achieve 1-to-1 advertising for great results. With Advertising Studio you manage your paid campaigns on Google, Facebook and Facebook Audience Network, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Send personalized mobile messages to your customers based on their activities and/or location with Mobile Studio.

With Pardot you can manage your B2B marketing automation, increase leads and conversion rates and boost your team’s productivity.

Capture, combine and analyze data with Salesforce DMP (Data Management Platform) and Data Studio in order to gain valuable insights about your customers and their activities. Build the right Customer Profiles for boosting your marketing efforts and when you need more data, simply buy from the most trusted network for 2nd and 3rd party data sources.

Sales Cloud

Manage sales like never before and have your customers’ data (purchases, service history, etc.) in front of you anytime on any device.

Your Customers: receive timely an adequate offers matching their needs.

Your Organization: increases lead quality and scoring while reducing sales cycle time and costs.

Your Team: opens and closes sales with easily accessible account and contact information and historical data on the go. Easily collaborates with Marketing department and others for providing the best offers possible and increase revenue.

With out-of-the-box and customized fields you can store whichever data needed for a company, team or individuals.
Your sales team will always be prepared for a meeting and will track progress with few clicks or taps and your marketing campaigns will be tailored and provide more revenue.
 Through Sales Cloud your organization and sales team will always be able to track the progress of accounts and individuals in the sales funnel and adequately respond to any needs.
Sales data is available for your accounts and contacts and can be enriched for better sales.
Design and automate any business processes and integrate approvals where needed through the Visual Workflow.
Knowledge is valuable and with Sales Cloud you access real-time reports on who bought what, when, where, how much and any other data you could possibly need.
Based on that you can manage your performance and revenue streams, worldwide operations, expand to new territories, manage regional campaigns and country efforts and accounts offers in a multicurrency environment.
With Salesforce’s Einstein AI you and your departments will receive highly-valuable suggestions for improving productivity and operations.

Service Cloud

Provide the best possible customer service and care and increase retention and loyalty.

Your Customer’s: problem is identified, receives a fast reply, stays satisfied and will buy from you again.

Your Organization: creates new and sustainable service experience for your customers, one that they will enjoy, satisfy them better and increase their return to you. The collected data gives you insights for business decisions and product development.

Your Team: is more productive, saves time and costs on processing while getting structured and right information for the individual customer. Also, your team collaborates seamlessly with Marketing and Sales.

Access individuals’ or organizations’ past purchases and communication seamlessly when a question or problem arises.
Design and automate any service processes and integrate approvals where needed through the Visual Workflow.
Knowledge is valuable and with Service Cloud you access organization’s cases/tickets performance worldwide every day in real-time. can take informed decisions where to improve the organizational’s processes.
Integrating Salesforce with your CTI system will let your service teams be more productive by knowing everything about the person or organisation calling and by being able to fastly log notes and comments, which will be available to all people involved with the account.

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