Salesforce Pardot B2B Marketing Automation – what is it and for whom?

salesforce pardot

What is Pardot?

Pardot is B2B and B2C lead nurturing and marketing automation platform, allowing you to quickly identify who is interested in your products and services and who could be, and send them automated and tailored sequence of emails. Also, as a more Sales orientated platform than Marketing Cloud, Pardot is linked strongly to the Sales department with Salesforce Engage.

Pardot is very easy to go through wth on a daily basis and have all your marketing assets – fields, forms, emails, landing pages and subscribers – in a single platform.

Automate, automate, automate!

Pardot has a visual workflow builder called “Engagement Studio” allows you to more effectively show and offer your business on multiple channels online (email, social media, websites) and automate repetitive tasks. Additonaly, comes with tools such as analysing search keywords and posting on social media



Who should use Pardot?

SME who:

  • manages 2,000+ emails
  • looks to nurture leads from MQLs to SQLs
  • needs smart automation based on website activity


3 reasons to choose Pardot

  1. Automated lead nurturing programs that sends emails to prospects based on predefined rules or time intervals.
  2. Lead scoring and grading to help qualify and prioritize leads.
  3. Customizable real-time notifications that let reps know when a prospect is active and showing their purchasing readiness.


Which version to choose?

Pardot is available in:

  • Growth
  • Plus
  • Advanced

Even the Growth offers you a solid start, so that’s where you should start. If in need to buy larger prospect database you can always add that to the basket. Here you can find great description of the differences between the 3.



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