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What is Pardot?

Pardot is B2B and B2C lead nurturing and marketing automation platform, allowing you to quickly identify who is interested in your products and services and who could be, and send them automated and tailored sequence of emails. Also, as a more Sales orientated platform than Marketing Cloud, Pardot is linked strongly to the Sales department with Salesforce Engage.

Besides automated emails, Pardot is a user-friendly tool allowing you to store and track all your marketing assets (e-books and other files, forms, emails, landing pages), manage sales & marketing teams and manage customer preferences.



Who should use Pardot?

SMB and SME who:

  • are managing 2,000+ emails
  • want to automate leads nurturing from MQLs to SQLs
  • want to empower their sales team with the best B2B automation tool


Why Pardot?

  • Automated lead nurturing programs sending emails to prospects based on predefined rules or time intervals.
  • Lead scoring and grading to help you qualify and prioritize leads and sales effort.
  • Customizable real-time notifications that let reps know when a prospect is active and showing their buying readiness.


Pardot Versions and Features

Email & Content:

  • Create powerful emails with simple HTML code or build powerful personalized emails with dynamic content.
  • Perform A/B tests before sending your messages.
  • Track assets views and downloads.

Drip Campaigns & Automations:

  • Engagement Studio: create drip campaigns with a visual workflow builder and automate every step of the customer journey. Link those steps with tasks assignments to your sales team.
  • Rules, Forms & Page Actions: give you the power to automate next steps, messages, lead assignment and segmentation based on specific criteria.

Landing Pages:

  • Direct your audience to simple but powerful landing pages built inside Pardot and automate actions.


  • See your marketing activities by day, channel and campaign.

Social Media:

  • Post on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and track who of your customers click.

Search Marketing:

  • Track your website and competitor ranking based on keywords.
  • Get insights about keywords cost for PPC and search volume.

Site Search:

  • Connect searches on your website with customers and act on their needs.


  • Manage your subscribers in a simple way having an overview of all or single customer.
  • Use standard fields and objects or create custom ones (i.e. “Events” for event tracking).


  • Create insightful reports on campaigns, emails, conversions, customer lifecycle, marketing assets and opportunities (from Sales Cloud).


  • Connect and sync directly with Salesforce Sales Cloud database, users, campaigns and tasks.
  • Sync Accounts and Opportunities, thus having a full visibility and ROI on your marketing activities.
  • Load and use Pardot entirely inside Sales Cloud without opening a new window.
  • Connect with external apps, such as WebEx, ReadyTalk, GoToWebinar, Google Ads, Twilio,, Olark, UserVoice, Eventbrite and Wistia.


All these Pardot features are packaged in 3 main editions with the following prices:

  • Growth – 1,250 EUR per month
  • Plus – 2,500 EUR per month
  • Advanced – 4,000 EUR per month

The Growth package offers you a solid start, so that’s where you should begin. Here you can find great description and comparison between the 3.



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