First Sofia Salesforce Administrators Group!

Sofia Salesforce Administrators Group Trailblazer Group - small

As part of our path to develop the Salesforce Community in Bulgaria we established the first Sofia Salesforce Administrators Group in August 2018.

We will organize events on a monthly basis where you will find representatives from international and local companies who have utilized Salesforce Clouds in variety of ways to boost their business. The purpose of these events is to gather like-minded Salesforce users in Bulgaria to share experience and meaningful tips, learn and collaborate with on all things Salesforce.

Sofia Salesforce Administrators Group Trailblazer Group

The first Salesforce event will be on September 12th, 2018. For more info & registration go here.

Join the Salesforce Community Group and LinkedIn Group to stay updated.

Sponsor for the whole community is SoftServe. If you don’t know them it is worth checking their new website.



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