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Salesforce Sales & Service Clouds - full view of your customers

Sales Cloud – The World’s Leading and Smartest CRM

With Sales Cloud your organization will

  • sell smarter – having all customer information in front of you
  • sell faster – from leads to closed won opportunities
  • sell to the right person – focus only on qualified leads and extend relationship with current customers
  • sell from every device – mobile, tablet or desktop
  • have transparent view and reports justifying all efforts

With implementation, support and best practices from Begital Sales Cloud Consultants your organization can turn into a real customer-focused enterprise.

Service Cloud – The World’s Leading Service Platform

With Service Cloud your organization will:

  • transform its customer service into a faster customer-favourite department – online or field
  • offer relevant and connected self-service to customers and partners
  • master the social customer service – messaging, social, web and app
  • transform internally organization-wide service
  • have transparent reporting on service KPIs

With implementation, support and best pracitices from Begital Service Cloud Consultants your organization can turn into a real customer-faced enterprise.

Begital Salesforce Sales & Service Experience

Begital Team
Certified Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Consultant, Administrators, Data Architecture & Management Designer and Platform App Builder
15 years experience
Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Morocco
MNCs, SMEs and NGOs

Salesforce CRM Services

Strategic Consultancy

Analysing, improving or implementing new business processes in your model with sole purpose of digital self-transformation into a customer-facing organization with seamless performance.

Guiding you towards the right Salesforce solution for your current and future needs.


Supporting you in adapting out-of-the-box components and creating custom objects for your operations.

Administrating daily needs and support needed for operating the platform or managing data.

Creating reports and dashboards for you to follow your national, regional and worldwide performance.

Trainings and Workshops

We provide in-depth Salesforce trainings and workshops for your users, teams and organisation, corresponding entirely to the current environment and specific needs in an engaging, tailored-made format.

Database Migration

Download current data from your database (Excel, etc.) and migrate it to with the right structure.

Update old and managing new data.


Consultancy for devising appropriate campaigns for your markets and customers.

Preparing customer segments for your digital and traditional campaigns.

Enabling Sales and Marketing departments.

Orchestrating email, social and paid campaigns.

Quick Start

Supporting you in adapting out-of-the-box functionalities to your daily operations and transactions.

Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds

Sales Cloud

Manage sales like never before and have your customers’ data (purchases, service history, etc.) in front of you anytime on any device.

Your Customers: receive timely an adequate offers matching their needs.

Your Organization: increases lead quality and scoring while reducing sales cycle time and costs.

Your Team: opens and closes sales with easily accessible account and contact information and historical data on the go. Easily collaborates with Marketing department and others for providing the best offers possible and increase revenue.

With out-of-the-box and customized fields you can store whichever data needed for a company, team or individuals.
Your sales team will always be prepared for a meeting and will track progress with few clicks or taps and your marketing campaigns will be tailored and provide more revenue.
Sales data is available for your accounts and contacts and can be enriched for better sales.
Manage and qualify leads based on criteria.
Sync leads with other web and app systems.
Through Sales Cloud your organization and sales team will always be able to track the progress of accounts and individuals in the sales funnel and adequately respond to any needs.
Knowledge is valuable and with Sales Cloud you access real-time reports on who bought what, when, where, how much and any other data you could possibly need.
Based on that you can manage your performance and revenue streams, worldwide operations, expand to new territories, manage regional campaigns and country efforts and accounts offers in a multicurrency environment.
Enable your sales reps to have full view of each customer, thus perform better.
Design and automate any business processes and integrate approvals where needed through the Visual Workflow.
Manage your organization activities based on regions.
With Salesforce’s Einstein AI you and your departments will receive highly-valuable suggestions for improving productivity and operations.
Send and track emails to all leads and contacts.
With Salesforce’s Einstein AI you and your departments will receive highly-valuable suggestions for improving productivity and operations.

Service Cloud

Provide the best possible customer service and care and increase retention and loyalty.

Your Customer’s: their problem is identified, receive a fast reply, stay satisfied and will buy from you again.

Your Organization: creates new and sustainable service experience for your customers, one that they will enjoy, satisfy them better and increase their return to you. The collected data gives you insights for business decisions and product development.

Your Team: is more productive, saves time and costs on processing while getting structured and right information for the individual customer. Also, your team collaborates seamlessly with Marketing and Sales.

Operate and distribute cases among service reps automatically based on rules.
Follow-up on every customer questions and problems for great service.
Access individuals’ or organizations’ past purchases and communication seamlessly when a question or problem arises.
Design and automate any service processes and integrate approvals where needed through the Visual Workflow.
Knowledge is valuable and with Service Cloud you access organization’s cases/tickets performance worldwide every day in real-time. can take informed decisions where to improve the organizational’s processes.
Integrating Salesforce with your CTI system will let your service teams be more productive by knowing everything about the person or organisation calling and by being able to fastly log notes and comments, which will be available to all people involved with the account.
Forward cases/tickets from different channels – email, social, web, app.

Salesforce Client References & Consultant Recommendations

These guys are fast, accurate and polite – true professionals that any business can lean on.

CRM Expert Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Zhivko’s LinkedIn Profile

Zhivko Stanchev

Levent and team gave us incredible service, helping transform our Salesforce environment, build in new processes, and clean up our very messy and unorganized data. Staff is great to work with and unbelievably responsive. I would highly recommend them!

CRM Expert Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Crhis’ LinkedIn Profile

Chris Fees

Levent is a strategic thinker whose unquestionable CRM expertise has been instrumental in defining our data quality and data management strategy. More than a consultant, he has been a true partner in supporting our marketing operations and demand generation initiatives. I know I can trust his objective and actionable advice and greatly appreciate his commitment to help – day or night – to meet our business goals. Over the three years we have worked together, he has become one of the most deeply valued member of our team and of the broader sales and marketing worldwide community.

CRM Expert Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Carla’s LinkedIn Profile

Carla – CRM Expert Recommendation
Carla Haag, Global Digital & Marketing Operations @ Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

During my many years of working together with Levent, I have come to know him as an expert in the field of CRM and data management strategies, process design and system implementation/integration. He combines a sharp analytical mind with deep knowledge of processes and systems. This has been instrumental in developing the Data Services & Data Maintenance practice at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. He has also proven to be able to pass his skills onto others and; to enable others to work on data services jobs on the basis of templated workflows and standardizing tasks, thus building a team of Data Stewards.
His expertise and interest in data analytics often showed when preparing demand generation programs. His advise in optimizing target segmentations continuously proved highly valuable. Next to his professional skills and expertise, Levent is a great guy to work with. He is fully focused on servicing the customer and highly dedicated to his role, often going beyond the calls of duty to ensure deadlines are met and customers are satisfied.

Salesforce Database Manager Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Roger’s LinkedIn Profile

Data Services Manager Recommendation:
Roger van den Haak, EMEA Demand Generation Manager @ Palo Alto Networks

Levent’s deep knowledge of CRM and outstanding conceptional thinking ability were key elements in determining the strategy of our project. Also being able to explain his thoughts both from a business- as well as technical perspective has contributed greatly to where the project stands today. Levent’s way of challenging your thinking and make you think outside “the boundaries” keep everyone sharp and makes him a valuable asset during especially a strategical phase of a project.

Salesforce Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Maria’s LinkedIn Profile

Maria Graffner Salesforce Consultant Recommendation:
Maria Graffner was CRM Project Change Manager @ AkzoNobel

Levent was an essential resource in the strategic direction of AkzoNobel’s global CRM implementation. His ability to connect variables in highly complex models and schemes was truly exceptional. He was able to deliver new ideas that will undoubtedly bring enormous value to our company. I often referred to Levent as the “Rosetta Stone” in that he has the natural ability to communicate with both business-side people and technical-side people. He’s a fantastic resource for any project especially during the strategy creation phase.

Salesforce Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Jason’s LinkedIn Profile

Jason Henkel Salesforce Recommendation
Jason Henkel - was Salesforce Project Leader @ AkzoNobel

I have had the pleasure working with Levent specific to a global CRM project over the past year. Levent’s deep understanding and knowledge of CRM solutions has allowed our organization to re-evaluate and look at situations from a fresh view allowing us to approach and tackle issues from unique perspectives otherwise unknown. Levent’s knowledge and understanding provide complete confidence and provides an environment of success!

Salesforce Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Val’s LinkedIn Profile

Val – CRM Consultant Recommendation
Val Gardner, Global Marketing Director

Working with Levent I found him as a person with great proficiency and deep knowledge of CRM solutions. He is an inspiring consultant and an brilliant business analyst – his conception, skills, creativity and understanding of dependencies made the project a success.

Salesforce Analyst Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Alex’s LinkedIn Profile

Salesforce Analyst & Consultant Recommendation:
Alex Katsoulas, Principal Project Manager @ Microsoft

I’m working with Levent since more than 5 years, setting up and constantly improving the data usage for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL TURKEY supporters and activists. His support had been tremendous in building up the database and the management of thousands of peoples data who are interested in human rights issues in Turkey. Besides his professionalism, he is dearly interested in social issues and enjoys supportive side of his work!

Levent’s wide and varieted experience helped us to find unseen and very practical solutions for many and main processes, enabling us increase the quality of our data management, monitoring processes as well as improving our supporter communication quality. He is also best in cross-cutting solutions with beyond Salesforce market knowledge and always comes with a better alternative.

Being an excellent ‘data management partner’, i sincerely recommend to all kinds of organizations to work with Levent, for system building cooperation and more.

Salesforce Admin Support Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Ebru’s LinkedIn profile

Ebru – Salesforce Admin Support Recommendation
Ebru Tiftikçioğlu, Fundraising Director @ Amnesty International Turkey

​I have worked closely with Levent for 4 years on several projects including Database Quality Programs, Database Maintenance and Enrichment, Data Analytics, Eloqua integration. Levent has excellent analytical and strategic skills. He is accountable, supportive and goal oriented, he always put customer’s need and satisfaction as priorities. I am really proud of the collaboration we had. Thanks to his expertise and commitment we have always faced any new challenge or issue together, transforming it into an opportunity to learn, to improve database quality, to build new repeatable processes as best practices for any country.
Levent is my SFDC Mentor. I’ll always be thankful to him as most of my SFDC knowledge and skills come from him. Grazie di cuore Levent

Salesforce Database Manager Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Martina’s LinkedIn profile

Martina Paravicini Salesforce Consultant Recommendation:
Martina Paravicini - Digital Marketing @ Boston Scientific

Fast, friendly, and efficient

Levent was such a great help to us. Our organisation is based in a post-conflict area with often terrible WiFi and frequent power cuts which sometimes made our Skype calls somewhat challenging, and he was patient and helpful throughout! We also had tight timescales due to temporary resource, and he met all of our needs very swiftly, which was much appreciated!

CRM Expert Recommendation for Levent Korkmaz
Liz’ LinkedIn Profile

Liz Pagett

Top notch support

Levent and his team provide high quality, accurate, quick support with a smile 🙂 They always respond to inquiries within the 24 hours at least, provide solutions, advice and training as needed. Bottom line, they work hard, are problem solvers — and are a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Dana Kardoush

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