Begital Team

Begital Team Salesforce Certificates

Begital Salesforce Consulting Partner has certified professionals as:

  • Salesforce Sales Consultant
  • Salesforce Service Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Social Specialist
  • Pardot Consultant
  • Pardot Specialist
  • Salesforce Administrators

Begital Team

Levent Korkmaz
Salesforce Consultant & Digital Evangelist
Strange Days & Chaos Theory:

In late 90s, while doing his doctoral research in international trade and economic development policy, Levent has decided to move away from the axiomatic thinking and rational models, and jumped into the real life challenges of analysing and managing complexity. Inspired by the new ideas: evolutionary economics, chaos theory and emergence of order, and the rise of e-business followed by the crisis he has decided to experiment in enterprise modelling and started working as a strategic planning consultant at Compaq, CRM Center of Excellence.

He developed a balanced scorecard-based "feed-forward planning" methodology as an alternative to retrospective feedback

Hristo Tanev
Co-Founder, Salesforce CRM & Marketing Consultant
Co-Founder, Salesforce Pardot Consultant, Marketing Cloud Email & Social Specialist. AdWords & Analytcs Certified.
Vasil Aleksiev
Sales Director & Salesforce CRM Consultant

Customer is the king. Only the happy customer buys more and more bringing more cash to the company. Begital help companies to serve their customers in a whole new way through the 4 customer facing departments - Sales, Service, Marketing and PR.

Implementing Salesforce - CRM #1 in the world (according to Forbes) we recreate the customer journey of our clients' customers integrating Marketing, Sales, and Service.

Nedko Nedkov
Salesforce CRM Consultant
2x Salesforce Certified. Certified Veeva CRM Administrator. IoT & Big Data enthusiast.
Anatolie Cernii
Salesforce CRM Consultant
Anastas Shopov
Salesforce CRM & ERP Consultant
Helping customers digitally transform their business using the best business information systems (CRM, ERP and BI)
Bekcan Başol
Salesforce Admin and Consultant
Emanuela Koleva

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